Non-Inking - Big Size Stamp

Customised Rubber with handle (Stamp Pad not included)
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Lead Time: 2-3 working days

Sizes as follows (maximum artwork sizes):

B41120 - 38 x 117mm (previously known as: BS2)
B41140 - 38 x 137mm (previously known as: BS4)
B41160 - 38 x 157mm (previously known as: BS6)

B51120 - 48 x 117mm (previously known as: BS8)
B51140 - 48 x 137mm (previously known as: BS10)
B51160 - 48 x 157mm (previously known as: BS12)

B6270 - 59 x 67mm (previously known as: BS13)
B6280 - 59 x 77mm (previously known as: BS14)
B6290 - 59 x 87mm (previously known as: BS15)
B62100 - 59 x 97mm (previously known as: BS16)
B62120 - 59 x 117mm (previously known as: BS18)
B62140 - 59 x 137mm (previously known as: BS20)
B62160 - 59 x 157mm (previously known as: BS22)

B7680 - 73 x 77mm (previously known as: BS23)
B7690 - 73 x 87mm (previously known as: BS24)
B76100 - 73 x 97mm (previously known as: BS25)
B76120 - 73 x 117mm (previously known as: BS27)
B76140 - 73 x 137mm (previously known as: BS29)
B76160 - 73 x 157mm (previously known as: BS31)

B9090 - 87 x 87mm (previously known as: BS32)
B90120 - 87 x 117mm (previously known as: BS35)
B90140 - 87 x 137mm (previously known as: BS37)
B90160 - 87 x 157mm (previously known as: BS39)

B102120 - 99 x 117mm (previously known as: BS41)
B102140 - 99 x 137mm (previously known as: BS43)
B102160 - 99 x 157mm (previously known as: BS45)

NOTE: For sizes bigger than B102160, please enquire with any of our outlets.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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