Common Seal Sticker - RED

Common Seal Sticker - RED

If you are looking for high quality common seal stickers, look no further than Dura Chops as we sell high quality common seal stickers in red and gold. Common seal stickers are important for when you are using a common seal. You will need to place the common seal sticker in the area where you plan on using the common seal. We provide common seal stickers in 2 sizes, which are 45 and 60 mm, so you can have your pick of which is more suitable for you. Get your high quality common seal stickers from Dura Chops to ensure that your documents are properly sealed!

Size Available:
- 45mm (for pocket seal)
- 60mm (for table seal)

Number of pieces: 60pcs

Price Calculator

Total (before GST) : S$8.50
Estimated Total : S$8.50