round corner cutter



Adding round corners to your documents, business cards, covers, and other printed materials is too much of a hassle if you were to use regular scissors. But with the round corner cutter, it saves you all the time of making sure that all the corners are rounded to the same length and your material looks presentable. With our product, you can make sure that you have perfectly rounded corners on all the materials you want rounded corners on by choosing the sizes of the corners through the cutter.

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Some benefits of using our cutter are that it can help you finish a variety of printed products, such as laminated materials or business cards. The round corner cutter will help you add rounded edges to your product, which gives it a quality and professional finish. It helps give your products a cutting-edge finish that looks more presentable, which would speak better to customers, and it would also promote your dedication to the finish of your printed products. 



The DRC-001 electric round corner cutter from Dura Chops has cutting edge technology to help you make your edges round. It has a maximum thickness of 80mm which means that you can use multiple printed products at a time on the machine. Its cutting speed is 56 times a minute, which is exceptionally fast, and this will help you shorten your lead time and also increase productivity. You can choose different lengths of your rounded corners, which range from 4mm to 16mm, so you can choose what length of the rounded corner would suit you best. 



Our electronic round corner cutter is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that will help you shorten your lead time, which will attract more customers to your business. Contact us today to get your Electronic cutter from Dura Chops! 

For orders & enquiries, please email or call +65 9009 9150 for more details